1. Participation in our transport service involves a degree of risk and Coronet Peak Transport cannot absolutely guarantee participants safety, although Coronet Peak Transport does do it’s very best to keep participants safe.

2. I release Coronet Peak Transport, it’s management and staff of all claims in regards to loss or damage of personal possessions and / or injury. It is the passenger’s responsibility to adequately insure for loss or damage for their belongings. Travel insurance is recommended. 

3. Coronet Peak Transport reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or reorganise trips. Coronet Peak Transport cannot accept liability for losses or additional expenses due to delays of transport services, sickness, injury, mental distress or for any unforeseen circumstance.

4. Coronet Peak Transport may refuse to carry a person for safety reasons.

5. Buses can only stop at predetermined bus stops.
Coronet Peak Transport cannot guarantee any pick ups or drop offs at any particular bus stop or hotel. Stops will only be made if safe conditions prevail.

6. I give permission to Coronet Peak Transport to use imagery I am included in for promotional purposes.